Christmas is…

Posted on: Sábado 24 diciembre 2005

My dad has tried to reach me by phone for the passed 3 days. Yesterday, while he was waiting at the airport of Douala for his plane back to France, we finally talked to each other. He will be staying for his one-month-break with my brother, and as soon as he arrives tonight, he will make his best to prepare a Christmas Eve supper for my bro, cousin and aunt (his sister).

On our side, Christmas is going to be quiet once more. I like it that way, since it helps us focus on what is really important: the celebration of the birth of Christ. Even if some say He wasn’t born neither at midnight, nor Dec 25th, that’s what Christmas should be all about (Christ-mass). So, obviously we are going to church tonight, and it will be at 7 PM, not midnight (have you tried to sing without yawning at midnight?).

I am not saying that it’s wrong to have family get-together at that time of year– if we had money, I would be glad to visit the in-laws in Brazil– but it shouldn’t be our main concern. The problem with big family reunions is that the organizers get all worried about the many details (what to cook, bake, buy, where to place the guests…) that the first reason for the celebration gets forgotten. It’s the same thing with weddings, that why we wanted it so simple and it might have disappointed some people… But when thinking about it, I wouldn’t have done it differently. Again, is a wedding suppose to please the guests or the just-married couple?

Also, I like surprises: I’m often more excited to give a gift than to receive! (Let’s see his face. Doesn’t he like it? Is he really surprised of my choice? Is it something he will use?… etc.) That’s definitely something I won’t complain about Christmas: the same way we give gifts for anyone’s birthday.

For me Christmas is nothing about “the time of giving, sharing and loving”, but remembering the Grace of God -the Almighty- who came on earth in the form of a baby.



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