Another mini-adventure

Posted on: Jueves 1 diciembre 2005

D and I start working an hour apart, so even if our job places are in the same street (separated by a few buildings), and since I don’t drive yet, he goes with the car, and I keep biking… But since his contract will finish in a couple of weeks, this will change soon, and I will have my chauffeur. A little detail changed 2 days ago.

Usually D wakes me up before leaving, sometimes I can barely talk, say “see ya”, and re-fall asleep… But other days, I wake up with him and stay reading in bed. Tuesday was one of these days. We forgot to look through the window to check the weather… He left and then I realized it was pouring rain outside… Great. I prepare myself in consequence: an extra dry pair of pants in the bag, the rain coat, plus the poncho in top of all this. Prepared for the battle, like Don Quixotte, I start pedaling. Did I say? It was pouring rain.

First I realize the break for the back weel is not working. Ooops! But, oh well, what can I do… Let’s keep going. Then, oh shit, I can pedal anymore! So I stop in the side of the road, check the chain (it was stuck in the back)… And decide to go back home. By that time I was still not far from home, but already late. I call the job to say I will be late (“no problema“, they tell me). Then my hubby at work: I tell him the story and start crying (“are you ok? did you have an accident?”, “no, no, I’m just in shock“) 🙂

So, my prince charming came to pick me up. And now I have to wake up one hour earlier to have my lift to work… That’s why I’m writing so early on my blog a Thursday morning.


2 comentarios to "Another mini-adventure"

Hey ‘sistar’! with grace!…
i can´t leave without writing, even with my poor english.

… and what a great fight it was! i also suspect that, the wrong-timed-rain whas very cold too, hum?
i´m realy proud of you!
i think, in occasions like that, is when we can see of what we´re made of and also prove our values!…
you´ve proved yours, even not have winnig that fight!
Sometimes we´re just losing, to win for Lord and his strategic higher plains! for those who love and belive,
nothing is by chance!

stay in grace with the Holy God!
take care…both of you.

hehe!Your English is not so bad, brother-in-law! Funny, isn’t it, that although we haven’t met yet, you can read about my misadventures and how is life with my husband/your bro!!In Christ!


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