Are you game?

Posted on: Miércoles 23 noviembre 2005

D and I often try to compare the differences in culture in the countries we have lived in. For me it’s hard to talk about the way French people live, specially the financial side of it, because while growing up I didn’t worry/care about all this. I was living with my parents, and only worried of having as much time as possible to read.

For my dad I read too much, it wasn’t a good thing, he wanted me to be social AND have some sportive activity… As a result I’ve tried the basketball team a year, and volleyball another, to realize that it’s not for me since I’m afraid of the ball (its target is always my head). I’m more the arty type, I would have liked dancing lessons, gymnastic (I did during one year), or track and fields… But those activities are not social and not cheap…

I’m a fish in water though (remember, I learned at 5), so swimming and water polo are the 2 sports that I’ve enjoyed doing. For some reason, in water-polo the ball is not attracted to my head, maybe because players wear a “helmet” -uh, it’s more a cap, but yeah there are protecting ears- 🙂

So that’s the story while my dad was providing the “funds”.

Later I took my pocket money hardly earned baby-sitting, teaching and I don’t know what else, to pay myself tango lessons. For two years I was a total aficionada, having a lesson per week, plus the practice and the dancing night every week-end. Crazy. I don’t know how much money I spent on this, but for me it was an escape from home. In some way, I was traveling back in time with the music from the 20’s to the 50’s (I’m old fashioned in my taste for real tango), and visiting my birth country without having to buy a plane ticket!

In all modesty, I’m a good dancer because I feel the music in my bones, I won’t ever think of counting my steps… I became such an addict that I knew every regular dancers of the Tangueria, maybe not the names but I could recognize the faces and knew who danced best which style and type of music (tango, milonga, vals-tango). Sometimes we would speak during hours about tango dancing shoes, how to shine them best, and “how come they get used so fast while dancing only 10 to 12 hours a week?” I still have 2 pairs of well-used dancing shoes made in Buenos-Aires. Did I mentioned that I also traveled with my dancing shoes in my backpack? I’ve danced Argentinian tango in Montreal, Québec City, Buenos-Aires (bien sûr!), Hamburg~Germany, and Toulouse~France… Am I crazy?

Of course all this had to end when D and I fell in love. He really doesn’t understand how people could have fun just turning around during hours! LOL.

I confess, we have other things to do.



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