Smart Car

Posted on: Miércoles 16 noviembre 2005

I’m rarely enthusiastic about a car, I see them as something practical, indeed, specially to go grocery shopping, but this one is not only a cute car, it’s a SMART car!

  1. First, like all small cars, it’s easy to park. Think of all the time one is waiting looking for a spot to park in a big city… I always look at the enormous SUVs as something ridiculous downtown (and not very practical), if you live in the countryside, have 3 kids, 2 dogs and sell apples and potatoes at the farmers’ fair, ok I understand, but please not for a single person daily commuting to work…
  2. Second, it’s well thought and constructed: it has a Mercedez-Bens motor (did you know that DaimlerChrysler belongs to Mercedes, or is a “branch” of the same company, I don’t really know how those things work).
  3. It’s economic and ecologic: The average fuel consumption (I’m quoting from their site) of the smart cdi is a thrifty 4.2 litres of diesel per 100 km. And, it emits a mere 90 g of CO2 per kilometre.

Hubby is the one who told me about it. Now I see that car everywhere, and I’ve checked the website… It’s a new fixation of my mind.

We want one! (As soon as we know where we’ll be living)


2 comentarios to "Smart Car"

Hey N,

On the one hand, I am very excited that you are in love with a German car..I am German

On the other hand, I had the “pleasure” to drive the car..It’s horrible!!
First, you need a shoehorn to get inside
second, there is no space in the trunk
third, the radius you need to navigate the car..it’s almost the same as for any other big car! can you imagine! Therfore, parking is NOT easier
forth, gear shift is very weird..i don’t know what they thaught when they invented it..probably nothing!

fivth, and this is a warning you should take seriously: on ice roads, the car has no way to stay there..it’s sliding horribly..it IS very dangerous!

I don’t wanna disencourage you..but pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase try it out before buying it!

all the best,

Sigrid, thanks for visiting! ;)Uh, well, of course we would try the car before buying it! But I am well aware that a small car doesn’t have the same “advantages” as a bigger car. I see that Smart car as a “city car”, to go groceries shopping, commuting to work (instead of the bike on a rainy day). When I say “easy to park”, it is not necessarily for moving the car around, but in finding a parking spot; I think you can squize the little thing in between two giants!!


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