Posted on: Miércoles 16 noviembre 2005

I’ve seen this exercise in another blog and wanted to do the same.

  • My parents got married 2 months after they first met.
  • I was born 9 months after their wedding (March 27, 1980 ~ December 28, 1980).
  • I suppose my dad wanted me to be a very talented child: I was 5 years old when I learned to swim, bike (with no extra wheel), AND started having piano lesson.
  • I didn’t like to practice the piano until I was 15 (did you notice the 10 years laps?!), but I’ve always liked music, singing and dancing.
  • Organizing “shows” for my parents and friends has been a favorite for many years.
  • When I was 7, I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to become an acrobat in a circus or an opera singer.
  • My mum being Argentinian, my father French, and moving around the world so much during my childhood, I didn’t choose,
  • but I did choose to travel by myself when I got the chance to.
  • I can teach music in English or French.
  • I write in Spanish to my cousins, aunts and grandma.
  • As an au pair girl in Germany, where I’ve met Amelie, a great pen pal and friend, and played with kids auf Deutsch!.
  • E per me, non c’è problema parlare Italiano, è una lingua romana como lo spagnolo e il francese.
  • Also, my mother-in-law is writing to me in portuguese, and once in a while I like to listen to the Brazilian radio (online).
  • My neighbour and friend, while growing up, was/is an adopted Korean girl: Marie-Elodie. I think I will write about her one of this days. (ok mimie?)
  • When I was 14, I decided to go study in a lycée which wasn’t in my -then- hometown (Castres, France).
  • I didn’t mind being away from my parents and brother (really enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded young musicians). However my dad found it anoying, not do be able to control his daughter anymore, and a year later we moved to Montreal.
  • D and I were good friends during 3 years before falling in love. A little like in the movie “When Harry met Sally”, except that I’ve always liked him before love came in the picture.
  • My favorite color is burgundy-red.

I think I’m done for today.
Good night and sweet dreams!


3 comentarios to "Me-me-me"

A sweet post! And I’m glad that you’ve found someone special.

Muchisimas gracias por su nota en mi blog.

Thanks for dropping by the other day. I’ve often thought about how weird it would be if I ran into someone I knew from blogging. Hell – maybe one of those people is living in my building. And, if I started hanging out with that person, maybe we’d never tell each other about our blogs, so we’d never know. It’s crazy to think about. And I’ll bet it’s happened before.

I’ve rambled on long enough now.

i always wanted a penpal when i was young, but the three i had through school (2 from italy, one from france) never panned out. however, i did make a great german friend who was out here working as an au pair who i met in a summer photography class.

i love au pairs. and penpals. 🙂

Grumpy one>> No lo sabes, pero leo mucho tu blog. !No dejo muchos comentos porque a veces no tengo inspiración para desir algo interesante ó simpático!(I hope you understood, if not, don’t worry this wasn’t anything ‘clever’, just, hu, you know…)Cadiz>> Yes, me too, I’ve had many penpals… Amelie from Germany is one that I met (online) and who became a very good friend through travels and visit to each other’s country. The other, Luciano from Italy, I also met online and also ‘in live’ during my visit in his country, but he stopped writing me after I got married…


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