Reading, Learning & Teaching

Posted on: Sábado 5 noviembre 2005

I’ve just finished reading “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen. I first discovered the author browsing through books in the local public library. I read “Pride & Prejudice”, discovered by chance it was a ‘classic’ of the English language, then enjoyed “Sense & Sensibility” as well… How strange that I’d never heard of the writer before! A lot of English writers are translated into French, and I remember reading Agatha Christie, for example, in my primary language… But I’m so glad to discover ‘classics’ in the original version! There is always some atmosphere of the book (or movie) that disappears in a translation, even a good one.

On another note, my week passed very fast. Between the office job and teaching, I am spending twice more time commuting than I use to. It’s tiring, specially that I still do most of it biking. D has the driving license, yes, but we have such different schedules that it doesn’t really make a difference in my comfort. At least, I keep telling to myself that I am not paying to go to a gym and stay fit… I’m fit by consequence of my way of life! ha!

Also what I specially like about my, still, ‘new’ job is that D and I can meet for lunch a couple of time per week! His job place and mine are in the same street! Had we planned it, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

I’m still hesitating in taking a TEFL/TESL (Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language) online course. The money and wanting to do it is no more a problem, but now time is against me. Besides, I do enjoy teaching, but I am still and will never be a native English speaker, and that is often what language schools are asking for as a pre-requisite for a teacher… As if a native speaker knows how to explain his/her own language to strangers! I would never dream of teaching French or Spanish. My understanding of the grammar has always been chaotic (I don’t learn what doesn’t interest me), but because I enjoy reading, it has become a second nature. I can say that I’ve learned these (and the other) languages mainly by ear.



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