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Posted on: Sábado 29 octubre 2005

Today has been cleaning time. I looked through all the bed sheets we had in stock. Incredible to see how many single-bed sheets we had ‘just in case’. When my parents divorced and I had to move by myself, they gave me single-bed sheets and covers that they didn’t want to throw away (my mum get attached to inexplicable things like this ‘souvenirs’), but didn’t want to keep either… Call me garbage.

Then again, when D and I got married all we had were single-bed sheets and covers (why did nobody get the idea to give us a King-size bed, sheets and covers?)… So, we kept our collection with us from a moving to the other without ever needing any. Lately, since we are thinking of a transatlantic moving, I was thinking that there is no-way we’ll keep dragging un-useful items with us. So, I filled a big bag with the said sheets, old clothes (I won’t go back to France with clothes that I bought there 10 years ago…) and gave all this to charity! It’s not because we don’t use single-beds, that others don’t have the need.

Yeay! I feel relieved & lightened… 🙂

On another topic, internet has once more been magic today. =) Strasbourg has been my obsession on Google lately (heheh!)
I learned that the center of the city was built in the 15th and 16th centuries. There are a couple of islands surrounded by the river, so the constructions look interesting, don’t they?

Now, map freak that I am, I had to find a map of Strasbourg. And now I’m very very happy because not only can I visualize where the European parliament is on the map, but also see how it looks like from the sky 🙂

I’m such in a good mood, it’s hysterical! ha ha!



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