Yeepee yeay!

Posted on: Viernes 14 octubre 2005

D got the driver’s license today! 🙂

Now we’ll have to look for the cheapest car insurance available. It’s a mafia here in Ontario, the cheapest we can find is around $300 CAD per month, it’s obligatory… In Quebec it was this price but per year.

I want to go to Europe. At least, even if we have to pay taxes, the food is cheaper (at least for the cheese and wine, but I wouldn’t mind living on this 😉 hee hee), the health insurance is excellent (I wouldn’t be paying for the totality of my optometrist & eyeglasses) AND the last time I heard about the train ticket prices they were very cheap! Mmmmh… Eat Abendessen (supper in German) with dozen sorts of bread and sausages in Germany, pastries and coffee in Vienna while listening to a Mozart string quartet, breath the art, architecture, music and the language in Italy… Last but not least, eat dozens types of cheese and wine in France (yes, again, it’s a fixation)… That’s a good life!

D and I were thinking about it. Mad at the fact that almost 50% of our total salaries is eaten by the Government in taxes every year. And what do we get at the end? NOTHING, niet, niente, nada, rien du tout putaing! The health insurance in Canada pays almost nothing. Everybody pays 15% of taxes on everything you buy, there is no “state University”, no help for students (in France all education is free, or almost, in mean $300 of tuition per year is peanut). The more we think about it, less we like Canada… Unfortunately we also know that there is always inconveniences everywhere, and I’m afraid we’ll be unhappy somewhere else after a while. *I’m a bit confused, and thoughtful*

There is no paradise on earth, that’s for sure.



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