New Job

Posted on: Sábado 8 octubre 2005

This week I had an interview for a part-time job as a bilingual secretary/receptionist. It was really what I was looking for: a day time job, well paid (I still have debt from University to pay dammit!), with not too many hours so that I can keep teaching in the evening, and leave my week-end free (I want to have a life without “burnouts” please!).

The office is small and there are already 2 ladies doing the job that I was applying for, but they don’t speak French, and they needed someone who could answer the clients in their mother tongue if wanted… Since nobody could test my knowledge of the language in the office, they had to call a man working in the office in New-Brunswick, they put the phone in conference and the two other men in the room were listening to our conversation… Quite intimidating.
The day after, Thursday, I got a call from them asking if I could give them 2 references. So I did, still not knowing what they had decided. Finally yesterday they phoned and emailed to offer me the job! *dancing the victory round*

What a great day yesterday!

  1. It was D’s birthday (I’ve been busy cooking and blowing balloon to surprise him),
  2. I got offered that super job,
  3. and I also got a couple of new students (the mother of a boy that I teach wants to have lessons at my place, and John gave me 2 new voice students on Fridays).

When I got home from work in the evening, not too late, I listened to the answering machine to see if I had no other nice surprises (hubby always *forgets*)… A women was saying that she had a parcel for us. The postman must be stupid, he had left 2 parcels for our building in front of a house a couple of blocks away! I’ll have to complain to the post office, the mail could have been important! Anyway, it came from my dad, a book about the voice that he found interesting.

To finish the day, hey it was a special one! =) We went to see “Serenity” which was good, but didn’t blow us away… I think mainly because of the lack of a good soundtrack.
And *of course*, before midnight, D had to blow candles on the cake! (homemade coconut cake)



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