Another wedding!

Posted on: Sábado 1 octubre 2005

I learned yesterday that a friend from Montreal got married in August! I’m so happy, glad and content for her!
We have never been very close friends, but we were praying and doing Bible studies together when both studying at the Conservatoire. Well, and she was (and still is) a friend. She was there when D and I got married more that 2 years ago now, she cheered when I realized that D was going to become a pastor (and believe me, this was a very good feeling at that time in the middle of the critics from everywhere)… I’ve never met her husband, but apparently she had known him for 3 years before getting involved with him… Like D and I.
The funny thing is that, although we are very different in so many ways, her situation today is so similar to the one we were 2 years ago!!

  • Marjorie is a couple of years younger than me, so got married at the same age I did! (22)
  • Her hubby is now working full-time for both of them while she finishes her studies in Music Education… As D was doing.
  • Her darling, Paul, is an artist: a bit of music, but principally he paints. Well… you know, D too…
  • I said it already, but yeah, they had known each other for 3 years before falling in love and realizing they were meant for each other!

Our God Almighty truly blesses us! Might He keep love as the most important thing in their lives and in their hearts, one for the other and toward Him. I’m so happy for them! I always think that Daniel, my love, has been the most important and precious blessing in my life… after salvation, of course. And to see this happening in the lives of friends, persons that I respect and admire, truly warms my heart!

Amen! And Thank You!



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