Dream, dream…

Posted on: Domingo 25 septiembre 2005

D and I have been talking about where we would like to live: the pro and cons of being in Canada, what we liked and didn’t like about Montreal, the crappy-too-humid weather in here (Niagara region), the mess in a big city like Sao Paulo in Brazil, and finally the good and cheap cheese if you live in France (not to mention the wine, the educated people, the fact of being in Europe with a very good train transit between the countries, and the advantage of knowing as many languages as we do)… Where will we end up?

This is all talking in the air, we have no idea where the Lord will call us to be working. I’d like to see some place new (a bit of Asia? a bit more West? What about the rockies, Vancouver, San Francisco?), but on another end I’d like to settle down, grow fruit trees and flowers, play the piano and sing in my own little house with a big garden…

When? Oh, when and where Lord?



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