Great friends

Posted on: Lunes 29 agosto 2005

I’ve told about our friends D and A before: in chess, they could represent the white king & queen, and D and I would be the black ones 😀. It made me laugh when we first met them because David is as tall as hubby, Adria probably my height, but they are blond and we have dark hair. The similarities don’t end here, David is studying at the seminary to become a pastor and Adria studied music, being a voice major as well!

Anyway, last year for Thanks Giving, David invited us to have supper at his parents house. It was a honor because although we didn’t know our friends that much, we were already introduced to the “whole” family. Besides, his father was really pleased to be able to practice French and German with us (D doesn’t speak German, but French he does). Later during the year, both his parents joined the Lutheran church and the same congregation, so we were seeing them often on Sundays.

The dad died last week. He had been sick for a long time, and we were all praying that if it was the will of God that he lived, please be it a decent life (not depending on a machine, or constant care…). It has pleased the Lord to call him home last Monday. The funeral was Friday.

I felt sad specially for the wife, D’s mother, who is left alone. And it was good for me to hear her say the same thing at the funeral, “I am not sad, see, (she had cries in her eyes)… I am sad for me, but I know that he is better in heaven, with the Lord”. I often pray that when it’s our time to go, darling and I die at the same time. He keeps telling me that in his family they all die very old, more than one hundred years old… So I’m afraid we will be around for a while… 🙂

Today is D’s, our friend’s, birthday. They invited us, and although I was supposed to teach this evening, I canceled my last students to be able to be with them.

I felt anguished going to the first funeral of my life thinking that I wouldn’t know what to say or do… but apparently just our presence was enough. I felt as though “being there” was all that mattered. And I also know that they meant it, when taking us in their arms they said, “I’m glad that you came”.



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