I like…

Posted on: Miércoles 17 agosto 2005

…being home! I like the new apartment, yes, but not only because the place is nice. It’s home because my heart is here (am I repeating myself?). My heart belongs to Dada, and Dada belongs to me! la la la (quoting an Ella Fizgerald song, and changing daddy with Dada on purpose). Call me cheesy, romantic or whatever, but D tells me he is not romantic, he is in love! Which, of course, is not the same thing: you can be a romantic person, but not necessarily in love. You can be a good actor, but don’t really mean what you say.

I like to do my everyday things: going shopping, groceries, cooking… even cleaning (?) thinking and knowing that he will be back tonight. He is filling the place with his presence. Above all I like to come back home after work at night, and know that he is already there. *sigh*

We like green. I’m talking about plants now. We both like to watch things grow. By the way we have a new friend in the living room, I don’t know its name but it’s green, quiet (have you ever met a noisy plant?), and I have to water it quite often.


3 comentarios to "I like…"

Yes, you have your Dada and I have my NaNa… It works out well, doesn’t it, e-sister? 🙂

Ahhhh, don’t you just love those simple pleasures in life?

I’ll let you in on a little secret– you’re not alone on enjoying cleaning. Being the true masochist that I am, I find a strange peace in scrubbing baseboards.


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