I don’t like

Posted on: Miércoles 17 agosto 2005

I hate the phone, talking at/in the phone makes me nervous, specially when I don’t know who’s calling and what I’m supposed to say. The answering machine is the greatest invention of all times. When I’m home, I don’t like to be bothered by stupid strangers who want to sell me a cell phone, a waacuumm (sp?) cleaner or a credit card. Besides, I don’t want a credit card, it’s a trap for people who want to feel powerful thinking they have money when they don’t. AND I don’t like thinking about money…

There we go I said it all.

The problem is: if you don’t like money, you don’t earn enough, because you are not into the game of gimme-more-so-I-can-buy-more-and-pay-more-and-have-more-fun. “What is life if it’s not for earning money?”. I tell you, a lot of people have the answer in front of their eyes and they don’t see it. Nobody wants do depend on anyone, thinking that THAT is liberty. But then, they are chained to their job(s) thinking that they are free to spend their money and their time with whomever, wherever, whenever. Bullshit. If you work too much, you don’t have time to spend your money. When you don’t have money, you don’t know how to spend your time…

I miss my man. (He is working)


1 Response to "I don’t like"

I find this one funny… Just the sentence at the end, cause it has nothing to do with the rest!… I can tell you’re in LURVE… 😉


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