Posted on: Domingo 14 agosto 2005

I’ve got a picture that I find beautiful. It’s a view of the biggest medieval city in Europe: Carcassonne in southern France.

When I was a child, I grew up not far from there and every time we had family visiting from abroad, we HAD to make the visit to Carcassone. That meant having a 2 hours car ride through de mountains la montagne Noire. In France there is something special happening, even if your journey is relatively short, you can see so many changes in the vegetation, the climate, the weather… We would leave Castres (our hometown) in the morning in a rainy weather, and gradually as we would be crossing the mountains the weather would change, and we’d arrive in a sunny Carcassonne!


5 comentarios to "Carcassonne"

me ha entusiasmado tu blog….felicidades.

wow, that’s beautiful! definitely worth making the trip to show visitors.

it looks a little like the view from La Alhambra in Granada, Spain (one of the most beautiful places i have ever lived –granada, not la alhambra).

Hi N,

It’s funny– I’ve been to Carcassonne, I believe… couldn’t tell you exactly when, but on one of the trips over there– it is a beautiful place. I wrote comments on other posts too, so don’t stop here!! 🙂


p.s. i think n….. is a beautiful name.

Lauren- Oh my! You’ve filled up ALL my posts with comments! haha

Jordi- Espero que te quedas impactado! 😉

Cadiz- I envy you to know more Spain than me! I’ve only visited Barcelona and Santiago de Compostella (which BTW is worst visiting!!). As for my name, gracias, I like it too, but I didn’t choose it myself! 😉


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