Chatting with myself (whatever the spelling)

Posted on: Viernes 12 agosto 2005

I don’t have anything to say, but I want to write. This is dangerous, says my husband, when this happens I start being silly… But I don’t care since the goal of this blog is for me to practice my written English. It’s hard, believe it or not, sometimes I still have language barriers: I would like to juggle with all the languages as well with one than the other!!

D is painting the bathroom. Simply white. I’m excited about it because the previous color was
2)didn’t fit with the black & white tiles (which I like – the building must have been build in the 50’s and still has the original tiles!)
3) besides, who would paint his/her bathroom turquoise!? I don’t have anything against turquoise, I love the stone on jewelry, for example. I could imagine myself wearing a turquoise top… *dreaming*. It’s definitely a nice color, but not for walls!

I’m eating seeds. Salted, roasted sunflower seeds.


2 comentarios to "Chatting with myself (whatever the spelling)"

Whenever you get the urge to write, go ahead and write! It’s important, and that’s what a blog is for!

Best wishes.



Hi! Being silly is one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind… and while, yes, it is dangerous because you, like me, probably write all sorts of inane things in your blog while feeling silly, it’s so much freakin fun, isn’t it???

Oh yeah, by the way, I’m working on getting a new email address… I’ll let you know when I get it!!



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