Cats, Dogs & other pets.

Posted on: Domingo 31 julio 2005

My boss and his wife were away for a couple of days. Since D and I moved close by, we are almost neighbors, so they asked me if I could do some house-sitting, and that consist in … feeding the dogs and letting them go out in the garden 3 times a day to pee, poop, you name it. I am not anti-dogs, not as much as I am anti-cats… BUT.

I couldn’t refuse though, they have been more than kind with me, specially during the winter when I needed rides back home, or that day when it poured rain on me just before going to work, Gwen (the wife) has been there all the way. Thanks.

But let’s talk about the dogs. There are two of them, white, small, females. I don’t know the brand, sorry, but they are, you know, the one with such hair that you can make them look like mini-girl, with rubans, or simply elastics. Yes, cuuute. I am not complaining about them, no, but did you know that they have to go outside 3 times a day?! – I’m repeating myself – If there is something that I learned with this experience is that I won’t have a dog of my own, no thanks, unless I live in the countryside and I can leave them outside all the day long. Hubby agrees with me, pets are not made to live with us, humans. Can you imagine yourself worrying everyday to be back at… “oh, wait, three in the afternoon? No, I can’t, I have to let the dogs out!”

What I find hilarious is that pets are generally considered “companions” for us, humans. But ironically when one goes away on vacation, it’s a big dilemma finding the right companion for your “dear companion” (the pet)…

Ps: The only pets we had at home when I was a child were golden fishes… The poor little creatures didn’t live long in the aquarium, so my mum kept buying a new companion for the one left alone in there. We never figured out what was wrong: to much food? Not enough? Are we cleaning the water when we should?



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