Emotions Melting Pot

Posted on: Martes 5 julio 2005

The week-end was great: three days of great weather (sunny but not too hot) with my darling! Now the stupid H&H (hot and humid) started again and I cannot sleep, woke up at 4am thinking about the moving and worrying about my students who are doing the festival in 3 weeks… Some of them are not ready or skipping lessons, and *of course* I’m the one worried, not them.

We are moving in less than 2 weeks! We finally decided that the sooner we are in the new place the better, and since we already paid for half of the month we will be moving the 16 (a Saturday)!! Yeah, yeah, yeepee, yay!! (*dancing the victory round*) :mrgreen:

A funny thing happened yesterday. I was starting to teach my first student of the day when Lynda opens the door (she is the other voice teacher at the studio). “We are neighbors!”, she said. “What? er, When? How?”, I was surprised, didn’t know what to say. The thing is that over the w-end she was complaining to her mum how she would like to have her own place (she was renting a room), but thought that even a bachelor apartment would be too expensive for her (yes, yes, we are voice teachers, you wouldn’t believe our salary)… She looked in the paper, and the first add she saw was this place a building beside mine (a number away), a bachelor’s apartment, semi-basement, thus cheap. Her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe it! She thinks, as I do, that it was a wink from God. He really does help us anytime, sometimes we just don’t see it. Sometimes we are also too anxious to see things changing now (that’s me too often), from wherein the lack of faith. Example: I don’t fell good. Am I sad? Happy? Or just moody? WHY? I don’t know what is happening to me, I’m confused, and *of course* I cry!

My mum is nervous too. She is moving to Buenos-Aires beginning of August: a new adventure. I wonder if she will ever decide something definite in her life. “Settle down”, does it sound familiar to her? Anyone who knows me could say the same, but the difference is that we (D & I) are young and trying to figure it all out, she (mum) is getting close to 50 and is still wondering…


1 Response to "Emotions Melting Pot"

N, my e-sister,

I will be thinking about you and D as you are moving this weekend! Good luck, and don’t worry about the ups and downs– I truly think that it’s better than not feeling anything at all. Have fun! Hope you love the new place!!!–>


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