Looking Forward To…

Posted on: Jueves 30 junio 2005

Hellooooo! 😀

Haaaa, I’m so glad! Many reasons, here is why:

First and above all, we found an apartment!! Yeay! The place is very close to one of the school where I work, in a quiet neighborhood. I’ll be able to WALK to my job. Then the building is a real apartment building, thus meaning, well divided with a laundry room downstairs and a parking lot behind. The rent is slightly more expensive, BUT:

  1. NO MORE going down in the street with two bags full of dirty (and smelly) clothes!
  2. NO MORE biking 45 minutes up the hill after work at night!
  3. NO MORE carrying the bike up (and down) the 2 stories (we’ll be on the half first floor)

I was so glad when D signed the rental agreement that I was jumping all around the place!

I do have other little reasons to be happy. Tomorrow being the first of July, it’s Canada day. It means that D and I will have a 3 day week-end 🙂 We cannot afford having real holidays, going in some exotic, foreign, new place together, so for now long week-ends are the best we can get! (even if it means not being paid for what could have been a working day…)

Also, Sunday we are having friends (David and Adria) coming over for lunch after the service. I’m so glad because they have been so kind since we met them. Over the past year, we have been struggling financially, didn’t know anyone here, didn’t know where to look for a job. etc… and they both helped us in any little way they could. They invited us a couple of times at their place, and at David’s parent’s place once too. I wanted to return the invite, but never found the opportunity. First, hubby and I were eating on a tiny coffee table, no room for four… Then, we had no time because both working in different schedules, and… I don’t know what else. It sounds to me as if I’m trying to make excuses… But I did feel guilty for so long! Now I’ll have to show the best of my cooking skills 😉


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Congratulations on the new apartment!! When do you move in?

August 1st! Might be a couple of week before, though, we paid half the month of July to reserve it (and to allow us to take our time).

Dijiste: (even if it means not being paid for what could have been a working day…)
No sabes que su empleo tiene que pagarte tu sueldo normal por el primer dia de julio segun la ley?

Pero la question es: Cual es mi sueldo “normal”? Respuesta: Si no tengo alumnos, no estoy pagada… Entonces, no creo que la “ley” puede ser applicada en este caso.

Intento ayudarte y nada mas.
Segun la ley en Canada:
Employees who qualify for
holiday pay are entitled to the
following amounts:
(a) Employees paid on a weekly
or monthly basis: regular pay
without reduction for a holiday.
(b) Employees paid on a daily or
hourly basis: regular rate of
wages for normal hours of work.
(c) Employees paid on any other
basis: regular rate of wages for
normal working day. (s.196)
Regular rate of wages means
the average of the employee s
daily earnings (exclusive of
overtime) for the 20 days worked just before the holiday
or an amount calculated by a method
agreed under a collective agreement. (ss.17, 18 of
See http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/en/lp/spila/clli/eslc/stat_hol.pdf


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