Shit Happens

Posted on: Jueves 23 junio 2005

Tuesday, as usual, I was biking to work. I was on the sidewalk (the road at that point is too busy with fast cars and trucks), the weather was perfect: sunny with a bit of wind. There is also a danger on the sidewalk, though, some people just walk looking at their shoes and don’t realize they are not walking strait, some others are walking with friends and when a bike is coming, instead of going all in the same side, they don’t know where to go so they move but I still cannot pass…

Anyway, on my way there is a nice flower shop, in front of it a parking lot for the costumers, and on the side a fence with bushes, so you cannot see who’s coming from the right side when you are on the sidewalk. Not that there is anything to be careful of, it’s a parking lot, right. Wrong! Tuesday afternoon, at around quarter to four, two boys had decided to have fun and bike VERY FAST in the parking lot. I had seen one of them, but the second one was going along the bushes. Stupid guy. 😡

I didn’t see him, he didn’t see me, and at the speed he must have been going he went right against me! Next thing I know is that I’m face down on the sidewalk. I hear the boy crying loud and I think, “My hand is bleeding, but I’m ok, what does he have?” So I turn around to look at him. He stops crying. “Little bugger, he is acting”, I think. “Are you alright?”, he asks. Then I start telling him to look where he is going when he bikes, going so fast is very dangerous…blah, blah… I had not seen my bike yet, but the boy saw it before me, must have been scared by its state, took his bike and took off! 😯

My right hand was bleeding, and the front wheel of my bike was (still is) completely twisted, so I couldn’t go on directly to my job like that. I entered the flower shop where the lady was very nice, I could wash my hands, she gave me a plaster, and I called the school to say that I was going to be late for my first student. I left my bike on the side of the shop and walked to my job. The rest of the day went on, of course I had to explain my dirty shirt to every single one of my student, but besides all “normal” if I can say so.

Bev is the lady, friend, co-worker, who gives me a ride whenever I need one after work. That day I needed one, of course, and she was so kind as to even ask me if I wanted to pick up my bike on the way! So we did (she has a van).

We were getting to my street, she slows down for a stop, and then. NOTHING. The car couldn’t start again! She had to call CAA to be towed… So I had to walk, and somehow carry my bike, the few last blocks home. It took an eternity. The first phone booth I saw, I stopped and called my hubby. He was there in a few seconds and carried the bike to the building, up the stairs and everything.

I feel sore. I don’t know why (yeah, right). 🙄


1 Response to "Shit Happens"


I bet I know why you’re sore!! Falling like that can certainly wear and tear on you. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. 😦


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