Blog dilemma

Posted on: Miércoles 8 junio 2005

I’ve been a member of Travellerspoint for a while now. At the beginning I think I found that site because I was looking for an online diary with password protection, since I didn’t want anyone to read my thoughts. Finally I found the site to be cool not particularly for the diary (I always keep my own handwritten), but because of the forum with so many travelers from around the world sharing thoughts, travel tips or discussing other topics…

My dilemma now is that a few weeks ago they opened the new option of Travel blog. That means that I could have my blog named noelia.travellerspoint.com ! But with all I have posted here already… I don’t imagine myself transferring all the posts over another site again. Plus, I did already change the template here in a colorful way, it’s how I like it… I’ll check out what I can do.

We are having a very warm weather since a couple of days now, which is quite surprising since we are only at the beginning of June. It came suddenly too, which is very tiring: more or less 30°C with sunshine and a bit of wind (luckily!)… and almost the same temperature in the apartment 😦

I’m looking forward to find a new place, closer to the 2 schools where I work (because I want to be able to bike/walk to work without depending on the car all the time), with a parking lot for the said car, ideally with a balcony or a place for the bikes, NOT higher than the first floor (that’s for the sake of my hubby who is moving up and down all the heavy stuff, and my own sake since I need to go up and down the stairs with my bike every day…), and eventually with an extra room since I’d like to have a few student at home (no commission to pay at the school = all the money for me!).

I’ve been thinking about this for a while: The Pros & Cons of Teaching in Private Music Schools. It was good ‘till now because I had no room at home, no keyboard, limited music at hand (I’ve been taught with photocopies all the way myself!) and no experience/publicity etc… But I’m starting to have an interesting collection of books, know what to order for students if needed, experience of a couple of years in teaching, and for publicity I’m not planning to stop working in the schools anyway, it would only be an extra revenue at home… I am still thinking about it, and this is all assuming that we will find:
1. a nice “new” apartment (with all the options above)
2. with an extra room
3. at a good price…


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Don’t leave us!! 😦 Stay with blogger… although I’m sure travellerspoint has some positives, wouldn’t you just die without us??? 😉 I love reading your blog~ just let me know and I’ll keep reading either way…


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