Posted on: Sábado 4 junio 2005

Today was the laundry day… 😕 I got to the time, once more, where I had no other option: I bought myself a couple of undies and T-Shirts yesterday, because I needed it anyway, but I cannot afford to buy new stuff every time that I don’t feel like doing my laundry! The washing machines are not in the building, we have to go downstairs and in our same street there is a place for that. D is an angel, he carries the big bags for me, my part of the job is to organize the mess when it’s smelly (dirty), and to fold it at the end (when it smells good this time)… 😐

Why am I telling this?

I do this also when I start talking, D laughs at it but I’m sure it’s annoying. I start telling something but in my mind the whole thing is not clear yet, so I don’t know where or when it’s going to end… and it doesn’t. It’s the case right now, I though I had something interesting to tell, but I don’t. The weather was boring today: very humid, fortunatly not hot.

Good news: one of our plants has bloomed! I was curious to see how it would look like because it’s a sort of cactus/greasy plant and I had never seen the flower before. Enjoy.



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