Posted on: Sábado 28 mayo 2005

I asked D if “Jerusalem” has a meaning in Hebrew? Well, apparently it’s quite vague, nobody knows if the signification has to be found in Hebrew or in the other languages and dialects spoken by other people of the region… I was wondering because it has always been a city that I’ve found interesting historically, like Istanbul (Constantinople), and really would like to visit those places with D when we’ll have the opportunity (time, money & the political stability?)!

Jerusalem is also referred as the “City of David”, and “Daughter of Zion” in the Old Testament, but unfortunately the Holy city is contested by Jews & Christians, and the Muslims. Here is the link to the Lonely Planet page about Israel.


1 Response to "Jerusalem"

Greetings from Malaysia. Anyway, I found your blog by accident and I really like your posts and sharing.
I’ve read up about Israel and Jerusalem. The conflict now is really sticky actually. Muslims are unhappy and Christians wanna bring the Jews to Christ whilst some Jews wanna build a third temple. It seems that this land can never rest in peace. But God always has his way in the end.
Anyway, do drop me a comment or two at my blog. Would like to be friends!


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