My parents’ visit

Posted on: Martes 24 mayo 2005

These days we had a sunny weather, which is nice, but it gets hot in our apartment. So we have our window constantly open and our fan at the maximum.

Friday evening while I was making something to eat, around 10:30 or 11pm, I heard what I thought to be stupid-teenagers’ voices yelling in the street… Then again I thought I heard my name, then D’s! What!? Could this be my parents? They said they were planing to arrive Saturday morning. So I glanced down the street to see… them!
Oh well, I was too tired to react but it was a surprise. They didn’t ring the bell because we had disconnected it: when our “University going” neighbors make parties and come back drunk at 2am during week days, they sometimes ring the wrong number…
So my parents were down the street, they had driven strait from Montreal (8 hours ride) and didn’t stop for the night in between as they had planned. They took a room at the Inn close by and stayed 2 nights, left with the 2pm train Sunday afternoon. Their visit was short but intense!

The big and complicated thing was the matter of the car… It’s old, in good condition, but is only worth CAD$500 in the market maybe. However D won’t have his license before the end of June so we had to park it somewhere. I front of our apartment would have been ok: The cops are certainly stupid, but who would have tried to steal an old & cheap car in front of their office? But mum wanted to take her Quebec’s matriculation with her and a car without an matriculation is risky… and blah, blah, blah… How complicated! D is sure blessed because I wouldn’t have been able to argue with them. We finally called our friends David & Adria, and the car is in front of their house now.

It was nice to see them though. I always feel bad to criticize them, but I have no other way than write it down. Hard words seem not to be able to get out of my mouth easily, and my parents never got to listen to me when I had to say something important… So now, well, I’m even more grateful to the Lord for having joined me to such a wonderful husband! He does not only listen to me, he knows how I feel before I need to tell him!! Thank you.


1 Response to "My parents’ visit"

N,This IS interesting, what you say about not being able to vocalize the unpleasant stuff. I am the same way– even when I’m angry, often the only way I can get it out is to write; I’ve never been good at telling people how I feel when I’m unhappy (if it’s directly with them!). So maybe we ARE sisters!…Lauren


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