Posted on: Sábado 14 mayo 2005

Spring has arrived!
Yesterday I was biking to and from work, and I realised that not only flowers had bloomed, I had smelled this last week, but the trees are now green! haaa! I was happy, glad, content, not only because of the weather, but also because of the fact of being Friday, last day of a crazy-working-week (rather me and D appart because of our jobs…)

Anyway, let me share this joy with some Mafalda by Quino. Those are portuguese translations, that I will graciously (er, hmmm) translate in English, for you, whoever you are.

“Thanks God, spring has arrived!”

“Thanks God, I survived ‘till springtime!”

“And me saying trivialities!”

Also, my parents will be visiting us next week-end, AND, this also means that we will have our first car! My mum asked me a thousand times already if I need anything special from Montreal… “Bring some yerba mate and dulce de leche“, those are Argentinian specialties that I enjoy a lot and that I could buy in Latin stores over there, but haven’t found here yet (and not sure I’ll ever will). Not that I crave for them, mind you, but it’s good.

I think I haven’t written about my parents a lot here, not that there is a lot to tell… My parents divorced in 2002. They had been married during twenty years, raised two kids, and then realized they wouldn’t want to get older together… Should have thought about this earlier, uh? Anyway, that’s their life, I have mine. The problem is that they still don’t get it (that I have a life that doesn’t belong to them). They still get along relatively well, still fight as much as before, and still see each other when my dad is not working somewhere in Africa, or visiting my brother in France.

I haven’t seen them for a year now, since D and I moved here. I cannot say I missed them, but I’m curious to see how they will act with us, if they will finally see us as a married couple… I am also afraid to regret their visit: I wouldn’t like to insult anyone (because when I loose my temper, I loose it), I don’t want to be said what I should do and how to do it, to be criticized (and never complimented) on what I have done… Argh!



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