Staff Meeting

Posted on: Jueves 5 mayo 2005

For the ones who don’t know yet (that is, if anyone is reading my blog! haha), I am working as a music teacher (voice, piano, history), in 2 different private music schools. One of them is called JLSM (I won’t write the whole name) and I enjoy working there for many reasons, one of them being that John-the-boss and his wife are nice persons.

Anyway, in that school I don’t get a lot of students, because they didn’t really need an extra voice-piano teacher when they hired me, but because I wanted to work and am highly qualified, they did give me a few students and the history class (2 students) on Monday. However this was only enough to pay groceries, what I needed was a full-time job. I talked to John, he talked to his wife, and they agreed to give me two of her days at the reception: Wednesday and Friday night.

I was starting to get busy.

At the same time (that was back in September), I got a phone call from Melissa, a girl I didn’t know, but who was the voice teacher at another school, the O C, and before giving it up, she wanted to propose another qualified teacher to substitute her!! Well, goody-goody, I was very happy to hear the news. I applied, got the job, and am now working from Monday to Friday. Good. The only problem is that these schools have a very permissive policies regarding absences: if the student calls to say he/she is sick, that’s ok, the teacher is here waiting, but doesn’t get paid… So my salary is not always the same, and those schools do take a commission on the amount paid by the client/student… Oh well…

Yesterday was my big day at JLSM, I start early on Wednesday because I’m also in charge of the inventory (counting and organizing the books in the warehouse, the ones in the school, entering the new ones in the computer, etc…). And at the end of the day, there was a staff meeting to discuss the stuff going on at the school; new prices, new staff, etc. Did I mention John talks a lot? No? Well, nobody is perfect, but that reunion could have been 25 minutes long, it lasted for one hour and twenty minutes! What a waste of time! Not to mention that I am biking home after work… It was around 11pm when I arrived home, midnight when we got in bed… and D has to wake up early in the morning!




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