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Posted on: Lunes 2 mayo 2005

Oh my! Another week has passed already, and nothing new in this blog… Well, I’ve been adding old posts from last year, I realized that I’ve been active -indeed- in writing my life all over internet!! D has had a crazy week, last week, because while he was finishing his Hebrew course (yeepee!), he started driving lessons, and of course was working full time…

I sometimes feel un-useful at home every morning, thinking that the one I love is working his but off, and I, even if I really enjoy my job, am not earning enough for the two of us, so he could concentrate on his studies and we would be off for real life sooner… What is real life anyway? What I mean, I guess, is that I am eager to settle down, have a house, kids… but before that I’d also like to have enough money to travel a bit with D, discover new places, things & stuff…

I am a big dreamer.

Sometimes I start to daydream about things I’d like to do, or I could do, if I had the money, the opportunity, the courage, the guts (er, that not, I’m a girl! ha ha)… D is just not like that; he is more rational and only thinks on things that are possible. We discussed about this during the w.end… He was laughing with me about the way my imagination works and is so different than his. For example, when I bike home after work, tired, at night, I often tell to myself that if it’s too much I can stop at the next store to buy myself some chocolate, and keep lying to myself until I get home faster!… (because I never end up stopping at the store, or the next one, but I rather keep biking: if I get down from the bike, I would get home later, and I wouldn’t like this, now would I?)



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