Hard to be a biker…

Posted on: Jueves 21 abril 2005

My husband and I are getting a car next month! Hopefully by then, he will have had all his driving lessons and passed the exam…We decided that he was the one to do all this first because a. we didn’t (and still don’t) have the money to do it both at the same time, b. he had been driving for years in Brazil before coming to Canada, so has more experience than me as a driver…

We never though of it as a priority before because while living in a big city such as Montreal, it’s just much easier to use the public transportation! In that sense, the life of a big city gives you more freedom to move around. Here everyone has a car, the ones who cannot afford one (or don’t have the license!) must either pay 75$ per month for the bus pass (for a bus that passes by only every 30 min. or so… Always late or early, I mean, what the heck!?!), or do as we do, that is, bike.

Glorious bicycle! Ha, it brings to my head this song by Queen “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!”
It does bring a problem, though. People yell at us quite often: when we go on the side of the road, car drivers must be jealous (maybe paying a fortune per month to do the same thing inside a gym?) and tell us to “Go on the sidewalk!!”. If we do go on the sidewalk, and sometimes we have to the road being often too busy with trucks, then we have snobby-walkers telling us, “You should go on the road, you know that?!”. I generally ignore them, because I’m usually waaayyy past them when I realize what they said, but it pisses me off! Do this people know what they are talking about? Have they ever biked on the road to go to work everyday?

Oh yeah, I really don’t like those persons who talk without knowing what they are saying! aaaaaaaaaaach Mench!

But hey, I should say something nice now, because what’s the point of thinking about the bad things in life, eh?! Well, I enjoy biking, really I do, as oppose to waiting for a bus that-I-don’t-know-when-it’ll-pass, or if it has already passed!… Specially this days with the beautiful spring weather we have! Sunny but not too hot!! *sigh of contentment* … Aaaah



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