Day 3

Posted on: Viernes 15 abril 2005

I just wanted to make clear, if anyones does ever read this journal, that I did really just started this online diary 3 posts ago… Yesterday I’ve been collecting previous posts that where in other sites, online communities, and entered them at the date they were originally written (I also corrected some spelling mistakes! he he!)

This morning while D (my darling!) was working, and I not yet gone, I baked a meat pie… Actually it’s an Argentinian recipe from my mum, “pastel de carne“, and it’s very good. I meant to do it since a while ago, but during the week our schedules are so hectic that we feed ourselves with pasta… I don’t really mind, mind you, we just get to appreciate only better a nice supper once in a while! So tonight, when I got home tired as usual, after an evening of work and the one hour bike ride. How nice it was to turn on the oven so it could warm up, while I was having my shower!! Friday night home with my sugar, honey, treasure! haaa Fiesta!



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