Day 2

Posted on: Jueves 14 abril 2005

There we go… And today is my second post in here… I don’t know how long it will last since last time I tried a journal online, the “free service” was miserable… At the end I was neglecting my “real” journal and, I realize, I also wanted to keep practicing my handwriting. ..

If something will disappear with internet and the computer technology, I think, is the handwriting. I have students in my history class, who prefer to give me a printed version of their homework, instead of forcing themselves to write nicer with their hand… Oh well, what can we do? One has to live with ones own time & technologies that go with it! I really don’t understand those people who refuse to have an email address or a computer at home… It’s not as if they had to eat something weird or have some kind of surgery! Some things are meant to make our life easier, why should we ignore it?

For example, my grandma always refused to have a washing machine! So she has always been washing her clothes gradually, everyday, with her bare hands!
My aunt Mathé refuses to have an answering machine… (and no cell phone, of course) I understand the cell question, my husband and I don’t like it either, but at least an answering machine is useful since you are not always obliged to rush to the phone when it’s ringing and you are in the bathroom, in the middle of washing dishes or in the middle of a conversation…



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